I created this piece to inspire children to play the wonderful game of chess. You can also use this colorful canvas to play checkers, backgammon, or even create your own game.

I hid 18 Latvian symbols, as well as letters from the Latvian, Russian, and English alphabet. Can you find them? To change the letters use the wood sticks.

The most important thing is to  have fun, enjoy the bright colors, and know how special and unique you are, just like this piece of art.
Artist Statement


Acrylic, 70x70


32-chess pieces

Riga 1st hospital is the oldest hospital in Latvia founded in 1803 under the personal edict of the emperor Alexander I
Painting have been delivered in Riga and installed Riga 1st hospital.

Thank you all for your support.
Special thanks to Jurijs Petrovs for help in the final stage of preparation and framing the painting.

Thank you so much DR. Martin Purmalis that you believed in my dream and idea. 

Thank you so much Iveta Medne, Pr specialist in the organization of the Installation.